Vitamin and nutrient supplementation after bariatric surgery along with regular exercise and good nutrition etc play an additive role in the comprehensive care following the surgery.

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60 Flinstone (with Iron) chewtabs $10.03
100 Windmill Vit A & D softgels 10,0000/400IU $6.13
100 Windmill Vit B-1 100mg tabs $6.63
100 Windmill Vit B-12 Dots 500mcg $8.50
100 Devrom 200mg Tabs (Neutralize Flatulence Odor) $15.50
90 Windmill Vit E-400 IU soft gels $11.73
120 Citracal-D $16.24
100 Vitamin C 500mg $7.78
100 Biotin 300mcg $6.64
60 Viactive Calcium Soft Chews (Chocolate mint, Caramel, Strawberry, Orange Cream $10.36
100 Ferocon Caps $32.48
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Our pharmacists are available to answer questions on vitamin replacement on special situations such as pregnancy, Menstruating females, postmenopausal females, alcohol consumption and constipation.